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Cannabis is both a simple and hugely complex plant that grows beautifully in many parts of the world and has been recorded in use throughout much of human history. It has played also quite an oversized role in our history over the last half of the 20th century as countries moved to criminalize the possession and use of this plant.

We appear now to be at a point in history where the circle has turned and prohibition turns to acceptance once again. In the United States, and many other countries around the world cannabis is becoming decriminalized, legalized and perhaps most importantly accepted and appreciated once again. From medical use to recreational enjoyment to manufacture of clothing, cosmetics and more, the story of cannabis enters a new chapter in its evolution.

Cannabis has a richly deserved reputation for use both as an appetite enhancer and also for heightening the taste buds appreciation and feedback to all of the senses. The incorporation of cannabis into food items has likewise moved on exponentially from the famous & somewhat infamous Pot Brownie to a whole new world of Gourmet Cooking with Cannabis. is dedicated to chronicling the evolution of these changes and to being a home for news articles, stories, recipes, seminars and more related to the appreciation of Cannabis in all its finest forms.


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Very good products
The selection is incredible and simple. I just really like the brand's motive because it is very simple and direct. And also have very good products too!




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